I feel like a new woman and probably because for the majority of this week, I felt like a dead woman.  I was knocked down on Wednesday by a mysterious stomach bug (mysterious because I don't know how I caught it and no one else around me has had it) and that bug laid the righteous smack down on me.  I slept for an estimated 48 hours in a three day time span and managed to ignore basically every other part of my life, including eating.  Luckily, after hitting a high point with the fever yesterday evening, I woke up feeling well enough today to hit a full agenda of activities, what with people visiting from out of town and a graduation this morning.

And tonight, I'm hosting a dinner party at my apartment, the first one I've held since I moved to Dallas (yes, I've been here for over two years, shhh!).  We're catering the food in, thank goodness because there would have been no way I would have been in any state to cook.  I'm all prepped with beverages and desserts... except I just realized that for a party of six, I only have seating for five.  Worst case scenario, I can take all of my hardbacks, pile them up, and teeter precariously from atop.  Or steal one from the apartment clubhouse.  Or sit on my saddle rack.

Or maybe just go to Target and buy an extra chair.

I'll let you sit on pins and needles to find out the conclusion to this one...