Change of plans

I feel that in order to be happily flexible in life, it's important to never have your heart set on plans, particularly, vacation plans.  The key word there is "happily."  We had a slight change of plans this past week with our booked hotel on the beach in Mexico.  That weeklong trip has been canceled, with good cause, which is disappointing since I looked forward to snorkeling for the first time and spending some quality time just relaxing.  But every cloud has its silver lining, I'm now instead looking for a short weekend getaway.  Do you, dear readers, have any suggestions?  New Orleans is a quick jaunt for us and I've also been looking at Napa / Sonoma.  I'm sure that later this summer, after all of the summer weddings, we'll start looking at long vacations again but I just need something to tie me over until then.

Pretty print illustrating my attitude this week


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