When you sit next to the food table...

My office at work is located right next to the food table.  That means when we do Friday Breakfasts, the aroma of fresh bagels / breakfast tacos / doughnuts / kolaches wafts over to my desk effortlessly.  That means when co-workers bring in their extra Halloween / Christmas / Easter candy, I sit next to mounds and mounds of candies.  That means when we order pizza for dinner at work, at least once a week, I'm enveloped by the smell of melting cheese and greasy crust.  And that means that right now, because it was Fajita Lunch Wednesday, randomly, I have been constantly smelling leftover crispy chocolate chip cookies.

It's a wonder that I haven't gained 50 pounds just from sitting in this location in the office.  However, it has also made me the most popular person on the floor.  Everyone needs to walk by my desk in order to get at the goodies.  And if that's a position of power in the workplace, I'll take it.


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