Mother, May I?

Mother's Day has sneaked up on me this year (it's tough to swallow but "snuck" is not a word) and I need to find something suitable for my mom.  She really likes this day in May, partially because my parents have never, to my knowledge, celebrated their wedding anniversary which is in the same month.  My mom keeps every single birthday and mother's day card that my sister and I have ever made or bought for her in her bedside table.  I suppose that's partly where my love of stationery comes from, the importance that she placed on those marker and crayon paper creations.  You can bet your buttons I'm going to get her a pretty card this year and also pick out something wonderful for her as well.

Michael Michael Kors Grayson Bag

Eau de Nuit Night Carafe
Bedside carafe for those drinks of water mom always brought you in the middle of the night

Lucie Carafe
Beautiful summer carafe since I broke her other pitcher last summer making sangria (oops!)

I've been thinking of taking Mom to the Anthropologie in my hometown and letting her pick out some airy summery things that will keep cool in Texas and other fun things for the home.

Cautiously, I'm also going to seek my sister's suggestions and maybe we'll come up with a joint gift idea.

PS - How adorable is this bowl?!

I Love Mom Angel Orange Bowl for Happy Mother's DayI Love Mom Angel Orange Bowl for Happy Mother's Day


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