What's in her bag - the Remix

No, I'm not gloating after the Mavericks' win over the Thunder tonight in overtime, coming back from a 15 point deficit in the last five minutes of the fourth quarter.  Not at all.  Today, we are going to examine the contents of the Thunder's star (and former UT Longhorn alum) Kevin Durant's backpack.  KD has been impressive ever since he joined the NBA - a freak talent, US Basketball World Champ and only 22 to boot.  Durant wears his backpack to every post game press conference, of which he has participated in quite a few this post season.

Source: Damon Fontenot
The contents of his backpack were only revealed this month as the questions and speculations from the media reached a peak.  We have seen magazines editors, celebrities, fashion bloggers - heck anyone's got one - spill what they stow away in their bags.  So it would seem remiss if I didn't bring you - What's In His Bag - Kevin Durant edition.

Kevin Durant

I substituted a Kobe Ultimatum Gear Nike backpack but Nike is soon coming out with KD's own version so that will do until we get our mitts on that one.  Plus, we all know that Kobe Bryant does not wear backpacks.  Okay - so the "big" reveal was a bit of a letdown.  None of the contents were scandalous (Ooh look, he uses women's deodorant).  But check it out - homeboy has three cell phones.  Who needs three cell phones???  One for work, one for family and one for friends?  Or one for work, one for friends and family and one for the laaadiiesss?  How can you even keep straight the numbers of each of the three?


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