Gourdough's - Texan for FAT DELICIOUS LOVE

Yum yum yum!  I love Gourdough's.  It sits in my belly and sticks to my hips.  Take one incredible donut.  Add fried chicken / bacon / cream cheese / cake batter / honey butter / brownies / oreos / fudge icing / marshmallows / etc. and then dump some ice cream on top.  Heaven right?  You must check out the menu here.  Everyone that I've brought here loves it and everyone's favourite is different.  Some love the chocolate overload and others like theirs with fruit and cake.  I can't even remember which donut creation I like - actually, there are none that I dislike. 

Gourdough's is in an airstream trailer on Lamar and you have to wait 15 minutes after you order to get your donuts.  But trust me.  It's worth the wait and the calories.  Yum yum yum.


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