Summer heat... and humidity

Summer season is about to officially kick off here - the swimming pools are all packed and the interns are just arriving in the office.  And the heat and humidity have been ratcheted up a notch.  That means not being able to step outside during the day or night for 15 minutes without obtaining a slight sheen of sweat on your face.  That means the ability to bake a cake and cookies in your car after its been sitting out in the sun for half an hour.  That means patio season is over as the buzzard-size mosquitoes have begun to swarm.  That means the citizens of this humidity oppressed city won't feel a cool breeze until after Thanksgiving.

There are few ways to mitigate both the heat and humidity and I've come up with a few clothing alternatives that will help you survive the summer months.  All of these were found on Shop Nasty Gal's site and are in my virtual closet.  Here's to hoping that someday they'll make it to reality.

Chiffon back blazer from Shop Nasty Gal  - Try to look past this chick's shorty shorts and see the potential of a WHITE blazer with a SHEER back!  You could even layer this blazer casually with a work office and know that it'll hold up in the summer heat.  In short, this blazer is like a mullet - business in the front and party in the back.
Chiffon back blazer
Poppy pocket tank by Motel - I like this bright burst of colour in another sheer, light top for the summer.  No doubt you'd have to layer it with some modest undergarments but this top would allow you to feel any hint of a summer breeze.  Pair this with some denim and you're Miss Fourth of July.  Or keep it light and white.
Poppy pocket tank
 Chaser tees - I love tees.  I love casual, worn in, soft sleepable tees to wear with anything.  And that is why I like Chaser tees.  I would wear them to work if I could.  My heart belongs to Texas but I think my style may belong to California.
Chaser tees

To come, how to dress for a summer trip to visit Frenchie's folks


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