Have you been watching the Women's World Cup this summer?  Silly question, I know some of you might say, but I have not.  Until this past weekend.  I don't regularly watch soccer and I very rarely watch women's sports at all.  It's not because I have anything against women in sports, actually the complete opposite of that.  It's just not as widely televised as men's professional sports and when it's on, it's during the middle of the workday or the replay at midnight.  I also like sports like basketball and football better - games that can end in a draw at the end can be so unrewarding. 

But this weekend, I watched.  I watched the underdog Japanese team trounce on Germany, one of the cup's favourites to win as well as the host country's team, and Japan's solid goalie shut out every attempt that the German women made.  And I watched the US women overcome terrible officiating on two crucial plays against the technically solid Brazilian team, playing down a player for half the game, score a header in the last possible minutes to then win it in penalty kicks.  I think Frenchie and I might have scared his neighbors with all the yelling and screaming at around noon on Sunday.

This is an American team at it's finest.  If you think soccer or even women's soccer is boring, you've got to catch the game highlights.  Cheer for the US women as they play against France in Wednesday morning in the semifinals.


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