Things I don't want... online edition

J. Crew typically pulls it out in grand fashion and has some classic yet modern looking items in its collection.  I can easily load up my online shopping cart with clothes and accessories and spend enough money there and at Madewell to boost their quarterly earnings.  Both retailers have a cultlike online following with blogs devoted just to the store and its merchandise.

However, this series below does not hit upon their "high" points.  The leather pleated pants actually are not plastic (if you can believe it) and are a new seasonal item for the fall.  They look even worse from behind (see  And about the green and pink rhinestone feather belt, I'm having a hard time imagining where that would fit into anyone's wardrobe.  I actually thought it was a headband at first until I realized that wouldn't make sense either.  The pink tweed and khaki jacket on the bottom row as well as the cupcake bottom skirt don't do anyone's figure any favors, even the professional model.  That skirt makes her bottom look three times as large as I'm sure it really is.  And the kicker is all of these items are over $100 each - after the sale price!

I got a good chuckle out of all of these at 1 am last night while waiting for some work stuff to come through.  What is the ugliest thing that you've seen come across from a big retailer recently?

Awkward J. Crew


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