Self restraining order

Tuesday is a big sale day in intranets land.  I'm not sure as to the reason why but today, j.crew started its additional 30% off sale "final" sale and did its weekly "purge our cute inventory for less absurd of a price" sale.  And lastly, the shoes that I have been drooling over for the last few months went on a "pre-fall" sale, which is to say a slight discount, particularly after adding tax.  Truly, some retailer must be tracking my internet browser history and loading mad cookies on to my computer.

Ever since I became an online shopping addict (which coincidentally was at the same time I started working and my butt never left the office chair), I have had a difficult time paying full price for things.  However, that does not preclude me from spending a bunch of moneys on discounted items that I do not need.  You can say it has become a favourite pastime of mine.

Today could have easily become that day where I spent an unnecessary amount of moneys on items that would not be crucial to my next two months survival.  I could have bought that flashy gold bracelet with the fancy amber jewels.  I could have bought that navy blue wool skirt, of which I already have the same one in black.  I could have even bought those cute, round toe, camel patent shoes.  Or the multi-colour flowery dishtowel.  And on and on and on.  But I didn't.  Why?

Because, I am a grown up person and I have self-restraint.  I can budget and make rational decisions about what I do and do not need.  I am not a typical American consumer who swipes his/her credit cards at every object with a price tag and even those without.  I will not overload my closet (and Frenchie's) with clothes that I will wear once and I will save for my next vacation or for retirement. 

Or it's simply because things got busy at work and I didn't have enough time to place my order before all the items I wanted sold out.  Speaking of which, I'll restrain myself and save for this next purchase:
38mm Black IP Skywatch


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