Sir Tommy Bahama has a restaurant?!

A few weeks ago, Frenchie and I went to go visit our friends who had moved out to the 'burbs.  Correction, they moved from the 'burbs to the outer 'burbs.  To the might-as-well-be-in-the-next-major-city 'burbs.  And that's saying a lot, living in Texas.  In any case, the city that they moved to is approximately 45 minutes to an hour from the City and has built out its own little microcosm of shopping centers, bars and restaurants.  We stopped by their beautiful GINORMOUS custom built home and then headed out to dinner.  And imagine, to my surprise, when we pulled up at this place.  Tommy Bahama Restaurant & Bar and Clothier!

I could not believe it - Sir Tommy Bahama is a restauranteur as well???  I was even more amazed when we walked through the racks of tropical clothing and into a full size, full service bar, complete with old man musician on a stage in the corner, crooning oldies.  We literally brought the average age of the patrons at that establishment down 20 - 30 years.  Through the dark, wood paneled bar (I swear there was a large plastic marlin hanging from a wall somewhere) was the rest of the restaurant, which was decorated and furnished in typical Floridian fashion.  The restaurant menu was, unsurprisingly, focused on seafood made to seem more exotic with the addition of fruit and coconut.  The drink menu had a surprisingly large selection of cocktails as well and they made a pretty mean mai tai.  Our party ordered an appetizer tower, several different fish and crab cake dishes and some seafood pasta dishes.  Overall, no one has any complaints about the food or drinks, however the price point of the plates and cocktails were that of a non-chain, higher end dining establishment in the City.  And those places don't close at 10 pm either. 

We made our trek back home later that night, which got us back at around 1 am, and silently, during the car ride, I gave thanks for living in the City.


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