I need a cuppa tea

Frenchie and I went to my parents' house this weekend and while we were en route, Frenchie started to feel something awful.  And, I tell you, when that boy feels terrible - everyone in his vicinity will know.  He suspected a bug, caught from a sick co-worker, and sure enough, he was out of commission for most of Saturday afternoon.  My parents threw a big dinner party on Saturday evening so he hauled himself out of bed in order to meet, greet and infect the guests.  My parents dosed him up with natural remedies the best they could but when we got back home on Sunday, he started to feel worse.  So poor Frenchie hopped home early from work today and is now in the sick position that you all know very well I'm sure.  Sprawled out on the bed with a giant box of tissues next to him and balled up tissue flowers littered all around him.  I've literally just gotten home from another lovely 17-hour day in the office and have only been able to ask him - how are you feeling? before he's zonked right out again.

Speaking of the long work day, I missed an important dinner with one of my favourite couples of all time when they announced that they are expecting!  A baby even!  They emailed me the sonogram and I called them from the office to wish them congratulations and toast them with cups of water.  More on baby stuff later but I am excited and anxious for them and their family.  And looking forward to doing a lot of baby shopping (as in buying stuff for the baby, not shopping for babies).

But for now, I am soaking in some quiet time before I have to pass out and do it all over again tomorrow.  Peaceful quiet and calm and a nice cup of tea to go along with it.  Laced with lots of alcohol.


  1. I just stumbled across this post and Rooth, I think I am in love with that cup.
    Ronnie xo


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