Horsing around this weekend

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Are you looking forward to the weekend?  Is it going to be packed full of Christmas shopping, Christmas baking and Christmas decorating?  Are you addressing and sending out your greeting cards and hanging lights and stockings?  Perhaps you have a holiday party or two and are ringing in the season with friends and family. 

Whichever it is, I hope you all have a wonderful one - I'll be visiting the horses tomorrow morning and going to a baby shower on Sunday.  This past week, I received the above striking equestrian print from Thomas Francisco who shares my passion for horseback riding.  The photograph captures a rider and horse on the way up to a jump in perfect form (I need to remember to keep my heels down), muscles tensed in anticipation of the leap and landing.  The print is truly even more stunning in person and Thomas' etsy shop is chock full of good gift ideas for Christmas - I encourage you to check it out and "deck the halls" with them.


  1. what a gorgeous print. lucky you!

  2. Enjoy your weekend and the horses :)

  3. oh! i love horses!
    going to check that etsy shop.... thanks for sharing : )


  4. Weekends are always with the family, cooking and eating all the time. It's a precious time. Have a great day :)

  5. Just bought our Christmas tree! My first own tree - only a baby but lovely for it. Hope you enjoy your riding. x

  6. Hi and Merry Christmas from Prince Edward Island Canada !
    Preparations for the holidays at this corner too. Its getting chillier every day here, with bits of snow.
    have a fun weekend

  7. oooh that is such a great photo! Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog - I hope you're having a wonderful weekend. Best, Annie

  8. I didn't get a single thing on my holiday to do list done! I spent the whole weekend exploring my new city with my cousin. This week will be filled with addressing cards and packaging goodies to send to friends. Hope you had a great weekend!


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