A single holiday gift idea

It's gift guide galore here in the blogosphere and I am certain that you all have been receiving plenty of recommendations and ideas from the other bloggers.  I have one solid recommendation and it's a doozy - the pecan pies from Goode Company Barbeque.  Om nom nom.  I send these to Frenchie's parents every Thanksgiving and have sent them to my grandparents for Christmas this year.  Frenchie's parents can't even bring themselves to take the pies with them to the Thanksgiving dinner parties they attend, for fear they'll have to share it with others.  Yep, they're that delicioso.  So send the gooey goodness for only $35 and give your friends and family a little slice of Texas this holiday season.  (Not sponsored by Goode Company)



  1. That looks delicious!!! Yum! :)


    Blogger will only let me coment as anonymous. Sigh...

  2. And I love the box . . . that's awesome! :)

  3. I love pecan pies. I haven't had a good peacan pie in ages now!

  4. I'd eat the crap out of that :)

  5. And that sounds really gross - sorry!

  6. I honestly think you can never go wrong with a gift like this. Unless they're allergic to nuts that is...


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