Tis the season... to start running

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I am now back in the "slightly more north" with my parents and sister until the new year and to that, I say THANK GOODNESS.  It was about time for the 2011 work year to die.  Because y'all know me and that I can never sit still, I have now embarked upon an exercise program for my dad.  Today we went on his first walk / jog in over two years, even though it was a frigid 41 degrees outside.  My dad's ultimate goal is to run a 5k in 2012 and my sister's goal for him is to lose 15 pounds.  After today's experience, he's pretty inspired and encouraged.  We went for over 2 miles and he was feeling okay - leg muscles a bit sore - at the end.  I have faith in him and we're going to do it again tomorrow and force my sister to join us as well.  The trick is keeping it up regularly but maybe if we stay consistent through next week, it will seem like more of a habit than a once-a-year occurrence.

I'm also trying not to go on an eating binge this holiday season, which is being tested right now as my sister cuts a thick slice of Sacher torte in the kitchen.  My parents are vegetarian and I'd like to be able to cook more complex veggie dishes.  Do any of you have any suggestions of meatless recipes that you've liked?


  1. Well, a very Merry UnBirthday to you . . . and the Merriest of Christmas wishes, too!

  2. Merry Christmas to you and your family! I need to keep running too. Check out Deborah Madison, Moosewood and 1,000 Vegetarian Recipes--all good! :)

  3. I soooooo need to start running! Hubby signed us up for a half marathon in March! Yikes!

  4. so inspring! such a great gift to your dad. honestly if you would like veggie recipes have a look at this blog. everything is AMAZING. I have made a lot of the food that they create and it is yuuuuummmmmmm!


    you can also check my categorie food & wine for some inspiration!

    merry christmas!
    xx - Joanna

  5. merry christmas and have a great time..

  6. Thanks for the veggie suggestions guys! There are definitely some gorgeous dishes out there

  7. Good luck to your dad, that's a great goal!



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