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I've never realized how awkward it would be to talk about my blog with my non-blogger friends.  That was definitely not something I considered before taking up writing one.  The first awkwardness encountered is when I bring up the fact that I have a blog.  Does one throw that into a conversation casually?  I never feel like I've done it smoothly and nonchalantly (probably my first mistake).  And do people then feel obligated to check it out?  And if they're not interested, are you upset if they don't check in occasionally or even at all?

I was at brunch with my old college roommate, who I now only see once a year, when Frenchie proudly threw out the fact that I had a blog.  My face must have just completely fallen and I could feel my cheeks burning.  I quickly recovered, blurting out, "But you don't have to read it!  I just do it for fun!  Please don't judge me."  I didn't even give the web address, I was so mortified with what she might think.  Another night, we were at a lounge (a lounge of all places, to talk about this) and an acquaintance started asking me about my blog.  He, in not an unkindly way, asked me about what I write and how I get my inspiration.  To which my response was a blank stare for 10 seconds and then stammered "Uhh... you know, stuff that happens during my day, cool things I find on the internet..."

Which then leads to the other awkwardness when I bring up the bloggers whom I read everyday in conversation.  I'll mention "Oh my friend Shalini totally hit the nail on the head when it comes to the characters that Zooey Deschanel plays - MANIC PIXIE GIRL!"  (Shalini, I hope you're not terribly offended that I called you my friend.) Or "I've met all these very unique individuals from all over the world like Joanna / Chuck / Hila." and "LMF recommended this new show Once Upon a Time, which I am so very addicted to now."  I know that some of you know more about the details of my life and my day-to-day activities than some of my closest friends. 

So how have you all been able to reconcile the dichotomy and manage the blogger and non-blogger relationship?  Do you not mix the two or are they very much intertwined?  And how in God's name do you make it not awkward?  


  1. i never mention it. i have found that there's a distinct difference between bloggers (or at least blogsurfers and that foreign group of people Non-Internet Users. lol

    Also, I kind of like it as a special place where I often talk about things I don't necessarily want people I know f2f peeking in on. Or I would prefer telling them f2f and knowing they know. It feels rather like people snooping on me. I'd rather chat on the phone and tell them I had a shitty week than they read it online and never mention it to me. Make sense?

  2. I have been blogging for ages --from when we lived in Morocco
    and it has really enriched my life.
    Even my dog has a blog......
    It's quite ddictive.
    Hard to explain to non bloggers!

  3. I'm with Monica. I used to, but now I don't ever mention it. Unless it's to a select few friends and family.

    Otherwise, if a friend brings it up in front of someone else, I usually say something quick about it and move on from the subject as seamlessly as possible! I don't really like to talk about my blog anyway. I'd much rather write about it!

  4. You did watch Once Upon A Time...right?! lol

    A few of my best friends do follow my blog religiously. They already know all of my stories and they find the way I write them out to be hysterical...either that or they are waiting for the posts where I give them a shout out. haha

    But to "non-bloggers" it is awkward. When my ex found out that I keep a blog he went out of his way to say that bloggers are "weird". It's not weird, it's just a creative outlet. Sigh...Is it weird for someone to keep a diary? I think not...

  5. i totally know what you mean. and just assume most of my non-blogger friends don't read it. i don't know why, but i just don't talk about it very much...

  6. I don't think there's a non-awkward way to talk about it either. (And OF COURSE we are friends!)

  7. I mentioned my blog at Thanksgiving and my boyfriend's dad didn't understand why I kept a blog. was awkard to say the least.My bf doesn't blog but reads my blog and half the time doesn't get why I blog about the stuff I do but then finds it humorous!

  8. I know what you mean. Some of my friends think its odd that I want to take pictures of everything, everyday. But at the end of the day... hey, we're the ones with our memories neatly collected, and they're the ones who usually forget things. I've found that bloggers have better memories (especially when it comes to recalling the past) than non-bloggers. :)

  9. i know what you mean... non-bloggers are very judgmental for some reason... i just forget about it and let them be...

  10. That's hilarious . . . and I do know what you mean. Anytime it comes up that I blog, I feel like people are thinking "of course, you do." Kinda like, "Of course you became the crazy cat lady."

  11. This is sooooo true! When I deal with this it's always a little embarrassing. Some people have no idea what blogging is too, which always adds to the weirdness. Great post & love your blog!

  12. i didn't tell anyone i blogged until a couple of months ago. they either don't get it, or get jealous bc of a random freebie and want to start a blog bc they think it's "easy." Ha! but speaking of easy,
    If you'd like to win 5 shirts from Stylemint, please enter my giveaway!

  13. Good one! I haven't mentioned it to many except my immediate fam. I did mention to 2 nieces from my husband's side and they didn't even ask for the address. Same thing happened when I bumped into an old friend. One of my sisters has even never been to my site. Strange. I think blogging and bloggers are so cool!!!

    I am making some great blogging friends!

    Love your site - beautiful!


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