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Wallet / Keds / Top-knot / Print / Outfit / Socks
Good God Lemon! is what I would constantly hear if tv shows were real life.  The older I get, the more I feel  connected to our favourite Liz Lemon as a person and as a working woman.*  But I'm obviously not the only audience that relates to Liz.  She's a "real" person (as real as you can get on public tv) who is smart, refreshingly honest and also works hard for and cares about people, no matter how weird / lewd / rude.  She carries her team on her back, makes poor decisions and dates the strangest men.  In all of those ways, Liz is a reflection of the best and the worst of all of us and I wanted to take the time to salute her character as one that has made me laugh and also pause when I start to draw real life parallels.  My "A little bit" post today is dedicated to all Liz loves:**

A multi-functional purse / wallet / phone carrier thing.  Because purses are for pansies and women should be able to have multi-purpose tools too

Polka dotted Keds.  Not because she's fashion conscious but because she still has hers from when they were popular from the 80s

A top-knot.  Liz has great terrible hair.  Has anyone noticed how she looks so real with her hair done in a simple pony tail?  I can totally see it - it has been a long day at work, she's put up her hair and now it's time to get to business.  Or you just don't feel like washing your hair that morning.  Either works for me

Awkward social interaction print.  That's self explanatory and I also really like Gemma Correll's work

Man-ish work clothes.  Grey men's cardigan and baggy work pants?  That's Liz (and me) to a tee - comfort above all and at least the clothes smell clean (?)

Nerd socks.  Does anyone else find it weird that all of the socks describe a type of person except for the last one?

*Yes, even more than Monica from Friends
**I couldn't find a public domain image of a sandwich that I thought was Lemon-worthy


  1. Oh Liz! Gotta admit I've only seen a few episodes of 30 Rock, but Liz does rock! I like a good top knot too!

  2. I think I've only seen one episode of that show when it first came out - and get yelled at for it - but Liz Lemon does sound awkwardly funny.

    I like that wallet a lot but don't know if my flip phone would fit in it well. It's super awkward to have a flip phone at my age but I don't want to pay a huge bill for a smart phone when I hate talking on it anyway. I just tell people I'm using it ironically. :)

    Top knots and pony tails are my friend. I break out the "nice hair" every once in a while just to let people know it can happen.

  3. I would say that last sock still describes a type of person - the bacon person. Some people area bacon people and some just aren't. The two will never understand each other.

  4. I´ve never seen the show BUT I might have a little Lemon in me :)

    have a good weekend!

  5. Lemon with a little suger. I'm a big fan, but so much of her humor comes out in the form of insults. She feels stressed and attacked often, so the default response is a cut. I can relate and I would sign on to work with her in a second! Every Liz needs a Pete. :)

    'Bacon Lover" would have been too long. That belongs on tights (very stretchy ones).

  6. I have not seen the show. I do enjoy watching Tina Fey and your post made me look Liz Lemon up.

  7. Ahh it's odd without new 30 Rock eps these days, even if I have only seen a few episodes here and there. I like those socks especially (:

  8. I never got into 30 Rock and now I hear it's about to end? Still, I'm always a fan of funky socks.

  9. Yes, love Liz and love Tina Fey for bringing her to life :) People love characters they can relate to. I think there's something cathartic in watching a part of who you are in someone else.

  10. Loooove those polka dot shoes, dots are never wrong - especially black and white. :-)

  11. I probably need to watch 30 Rock, don't I? It's in my Netflix queue!

  12. I never really got into this show. However, I loved that quote I heard once. "There ain't no party like a Liz Lemon party because a Liz Lemon party is mandatory."

    She's hilarious, for sure.

    7% Solution​

  13. fun post!


  14. I have never heard of Liz Lemon (I live under a rock) but I love those bacon socks!


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