It went from being chilly, windy, rainy and dreary to scorching hot in the matter of hours, it seems like.  We've completely skipped over any semblance of spring time weather straight into summer.  A hot, searing, sticky summer.  So much for the great outdoors between the hours of 10 am and 5 pm.  Luckily, we're getting some rain here (which Texas desperately needs) and on a quick jog around the neighborhood last night, I can tell by smell that folks have already started breaking in their grills and practicing for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend.

The featured home this week has lovely outdoor and indoor spaces.  It's modern and eclectic and there are enough punchy bits of colours scattered throughout the home to keep it interesting and homey.  Do you like the contrasting fireplaces - the formal marble in the living room and the brick pass-through in the family room?  Plus who wouldn't like a backyard like that for throwing a casual summer soiree.  You supply the bug spray and beer and I'll bring the popsicles and ice cream.