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Do you have this urge to categorize, classify and label everything in your life?

“I’m an introvert, he’s a OCD, we’re a couple.”

Because I definitely do.  I’m a <bit> of a control freak and labeling things lets me put this crazy world in some type of perspective.  Labeling everything allows me to try and make some sense of it all.  Obviously I’m not alone in this feeling as Facebook has over 10 categorizations for “Relationship Status.”  Clearly people feel a need to define what is going on and make it clear to everyone else as well.  With Instagram and Twitter, you feel more in the know with little hashtags giving you the labels around something, like you have a little bit more context.  Even this blog post has a label (you’re welcome control freaks).

But what if you mislabel things?  What if your need to define and categorize everything gets in the way of what the purpose of that thing is?  What if you spend your nights, much like in middle school and high school, having DTR* talks with everything in your life?  Do you toss and turn trying to slot everything into a mental cubbyhole in your mind?

Recently, I’ve been trying to let it go.  To not focus so much on calling things by their appropriate names but by what they are, even at the time.  And maybe in my head, those things are still bouncing around, trying to find a cubbyhole but not succeeding (it’s like mental musical chairs up in here).  But since letting go of that manic need, it’s surprising how much time I have left to enjoy things, just for what they are instead of worrying about where they belong.  It has been a hard habit to change and I still have a long way to go.  But maybe someday in the near future, I’ll be able to put down the mental labelmaker I have and just let everything be.

*Define The Relationship for those of you not familiar with teenage-speak