Oh Monday, you couldn't spite me anymore than if you tried with all your might.  The awful surprise I received this morning was that our office firewall now blocks Bloglovin'!  Now what am I supposed to do when I need a break from the banality of rows upon rows of numbers?  Stare out the window?  Oh right, I don't have one.  Sigh.  It's unfair to have to go into Monday after a lovely Sunday, especially one that's replete with bunny rabbits hopping along flower covered trails and butterflies lazily floating through the air.  The only good thing about not having a window is I don't get to see how pretty spring is turning out to be in Texas.

I never get enough sleep on the weekends either.  I can sleep in as late as possible, nap during the afternoons, come Monday morning, I always look and feel exhausted.  Maybe tonight, I'll try to go to bed early and dream that I live in the my featured home this week.  At $16 million, I know that it's only going to be a dream but hey, you cope with your Monday however you see fit.