My mom (right) at her graduation with her bestie
My mom is wonderfully weird, funky and funny.  Examples?  She gets these crinkly Totoro eyes when she’s laughing too hard, which is quite often.  One glass of wine will make her punch drunk.  Ever the beautician, she permed our hair to look like hers when we were 6 and 10.  She can go from your goofiest friend to Naggy McNaggerson in a split second.  In the last few years, she’s picked up some mad French cooking skills.  She’s also borderline obsessive compulsive about brushing her teeth and flossing.

My sister and I are awfully weird, funky and funny.  My sister inherited my mom’s musical inclination and chooses instruments at random to learn in her free time.  Siri also inherited my mom’s tendency to do strange yet hilarious poses for the camera.  I inherited my mom’s black thumb - the only thing I can successfully grow is mold.  I also have her snappy temper, quick to anger but easy to forgive and forget.

It’s a scary / comforting feeling about turning into my mom.  There’s an inherent and potentially irrational fear that I think all women have about turning into their mothers.  But there’s the other part of me that feels relieved that I will always be able to have a little bit of my mom with me, no matter where either of us are.

Love you mom.