My examination room was crawling with vines, from the deep moss green coloured carpet all the way up to the ceiling tiles.  Entangled within the plastic vines were a stuffed gorilla (complete with banana), neon rainbow tree frog, and various assorted other critters.  The walls were sponge-painted forest green, a quick and easy illusory effect to convince us that the jungle was surrounding the patient.  I half expected for canned jungle noises to fill the silence, while I waited for Dr. Miller to see me.

"Maybe I just got put into the children's examination room because the others are full," I mused.  "Sounds like a fairly reasonable explanation."

My examination room was littered with African animals - giraffes, hippos, rhinos, elephants - placed high and low on glass shelves, behind which was a backdrop of the Savannah at sunset.  Turning to my right in the examination chair, I nearly knocked over a porcelain lion, captured mid-roar with his gaping maw comically exaggerated.

"Okay, this is starting to get just a little bit weird," I thought, "but maybe he's really into jungles.  Or Africa.  Yeah, that's it."

My examination room, with dimmed lights, was painted a dark navy and dotted with stars.  That blue green marble that is the Planet Earth floated off in the distance.  A craggy grey shelf partially filled the space, pockmarked with craters and complete with an American flag jutting out stiffly.

"And now we're on the moon."  Around this time was when I finally admitted to myself that I may be seeing a children's eye doctor.  Such is the trouble of finding a new doctor in a new city...