Inevitably it always happens, every single year.  The internets have me convinced that it’s fall - look at all the pretty leaves / people wearing boots / sweaters - and then the reality of Texas weather takes me back a step.  I may or may not be lobster-red and sporting the World’s Most Awkward Farmer’s Tan from the three hour trail ride we went on on Sunday afternoon.  Foolish is the girl (that would be me) who eschewed sunscreen because it’s late September.  Still, it was mighty brilliant to get out and about this weekend.  Sunburn aside, we quite enjoyed ourselves with the other girls on the trail.  Ryon also (secretly) enjoyed taking a massive dump while he crossed over the pedestrian bridge over the lake.  He has an uncanny knack of waiting until we're directly on the path and fully off the grass before he lets loose.  There’s no way of skirting that mess (or the issue) and I’m sure all the bikers and joggers are cursing our names this week.

I'd feel guilty if the last thing I left you with a mental image of was Ryon's mess on the bridge, so I'm making it up by sharing this utterly adorable house of the week with you.  It was built in the 50's (no surprise there) and has the most impressive mid-century modern style that I've seen in the Dallas real estate market yet.  Does anyone want to just snatch up that kitchen sink and run away with it like I do?