The tea kettle whistles, shrilly, as an alarm shaking me out of my reverie.  Cold care PM to round out the weekend, the windy and chilly weekend.  A bit of ointment for my face, which inadvertently caught a tree branch on the Saturday afternoon trail ride.  Much more dabbed on my arms, which bore the brunt of the attack.  Can one treat a fever with Cheez-its and graham crackers?  I made a lousy attempt at chicken noodle soup, picking up a family-sized can from the store earlier in the day, only to realize that after living here for over a year and a half, I still don't have a can opener.  Counting the mosquito bites that dot my legs, I cross my fingers that it isn't West Nile.  What does West Nile feel like anyway?  Your priorities show when your pet has been vaccinated for West Nile and you haven't, despite it being present only one zip code over.

Tomorrow some vitamin c or echinacea.  And potentially a can opener as well.