I truly appreciate everyone's patience and kindness with me last week.  Or rather, this whole past year.  It's been a trying time and my usual steady-eddie emotions have been up and down like a clown on a rocket-fueled pogo stick.  While you kind and gentle folk take time to think about me during the day, there continue to be people getting married, babies being born, and children starting school.  Please don't think I take your blog comments lightly or for granted.  I know that you all come here willingly, day in and day out, to check in on me.  The funeral for my grandfather is this weekend, however as my mother's cardiologist recommend that she not risk flying, she and I will be staying in Texas while my dad and sister attend the service in California.  My mom has surprisingly, very quickly made peace with the decision, and I can't help but continue to be impressed at the personal growth (as well as speedy recovery) that she's made as a person, within the last few months alone.  It's strange to be proud of one's mother but I am, quite a lot, and tell her so with every inch of progress she makes.

I have a feeling that we could all use a little bit of inner peace as we head into the fall and it seems as though that was exactly what this house was designed for.  The tall, tall canopy of trees, neutral colour palette, and natural design elements through the house all remind me to breathe.  Slowly.  Deeply.  And just relax and melt into my surroundings.  And then slowly, ever so slowly, wander through the walk-through master shower.  Because O.M.G.

Thanks again y'all.