Photo Credit: Food52
After some epically wild and vacillating Christmas holiday plans and due to some unforeseen circumstances, we won't be hosting a packed house this holiday season nor will we be escaping to the mountains to ski (sigh).  It's true what they say about the best laid plans; they change.  However, we will be fortunate to be hosting my sister's BOYFRIEND for Christmas.  DUN DUN DUN.  Although originally from Texas, he moved to Portland for work a few months ago and him and my sister may or may not be joined at the hip now.  It will be our first time meeting him and the first time that my sister has ever introduced a boyfriend to my parents.  No pressure or anything.  And it's not like my parents have already started poking fun at the two of them behind their backs.

Ever the big sister and the host, my goal for Christmas is to make sure that Siri and Misha (that's my nickname for him) are stuffed to the gills with holiday treats.  For Christmas dinner, my dad has already planned on having a traditional Chinese hot pot meal (yess) so we've got that covered.  Below are some of my ideas of things to mix, bake, and cook:

  • Eggnog pie - Siri and my dad are big nog fanatics and what better way than to incorporate it into pie (particularly as I finally have the whole crust making thing down).  I found this recipe here that could serve nicely
  • Figgy pudding butter cookies (pictured above) - I've never had figgy pudding for Christmas but I like figs and I like pudding.  And everyone likes cookies.  So really, what could go wrong?  I'm grabbing this recipe from Food52, as part one of the Christmas cookie series
  • Black and white cookies - Part 2 of the Christmas cookie series.  Just because I love them and I've never made them before.  Maybe these will be the birthday treat that I bake myself.  And then devour, all by myself
  • Amaretto cheesecake - Or any type of cheesecake really, but lately I am on an almond kick.  This one looked particularly delicious and if you're going to go fat, you might as well go all the way.  Go big or go home.  Actually we'll be both of those
  • Alcoholidays - Basically, everything here that Kelly Beall over at Design Crush has pulled together into one master list.  We are going to have some red cheeks and noses this Christmas.  Treat yo'self and make merry!
They may need to waddle back to the Pacific Northwest.  Any traditional Christmas treats that you'd like to share or recommendations of food/drink I should make?  I'm all ears!