Christmas shopping:  Guess who's done, suckas?  Yep, that's right, this girl right here.  Almost a full three weeks early too.  That should leave enough time to get it all shipped and wrapped, don't you think?  It's all going to get delivered in time, right?  Oh lord, another thing to worry about.  Honestly though, I know Christmas time isn't all about presents but this is one of my favourite things to do during the holiday season - buy surprises for people who I love and care about.

Too much fiber: You know you're old when you start supplementing your daily allotment of fiber.  And you know you're not old enough when, instead of eating the recommended two gummies, you eat SIX instead.  I'm not even going to tell you guys how old I'm turning this month.  Old enough to know better?
Man hands: By now, those of you who read regularly know that my mom has a lot to say about my man hands that have grown calloused and rough with daily barn chores.  It is also damn near impossible to keep nail polish from chipping after one day.  Until now.  I went to Ulta this weekend and picked up some glittery Zoya brand polish, which I've never tried before.  Two barn days later, no chipping.  I imagine this polish is going to be hell to scrape off when I finally want to change colours but for now, I'll continue being dazzled by the glitter.

Light it up: In my dinky apartment, for the second year in a row instead of putting up a Christmas tree, I drape twinkly lights all around the windows a la college style.  They're not the super fancy / expensive kind as I've featured above from Terrain but they make me smile and remind me that it is truly the holiday season.  We've been blessed with wonderful weather (among other things) so far into December and it looks like it will continue that way.  It's funny that lights remind me of how blessed I am this holiday season, even with everything else that's going on.  Focus on the small glowing things, they seem to say, and keep peace and calm in your heart.