Why the long face?
Ryon and I are wishing you the merriest Christmas and most fulfilling holiday season yet.  We've been baking a ton at my house and gearing up for a Christmas Eve feast with family and friends.  So far, I've made three different kinds of cookies, a holiday wreath, a cheesecake and challah bread.  I'd be lying if I said all the prep work wasn't stressing me out but I'm sure it will all go swimmingly (and if not, then at least we'll have funny stories to tell).

On a separate note, my aunt was diagnosed with stomach cancer the week of Thanksgiving and had an operation last week to have part of her stomach removed.  Post-op, she's been classified as having a more advanced stage of stomach cancer, which is not something that we wanted to hear, and will begin chemo as soon as she heals from her surgery.  Our family is staying optimistic and keeping the faith but we're worried at the same time.  Hold your friends and family closer this holiday season and give thanks for good health.

I'm thinking of you all the next few days.  Wishing you peace and calm.