The "wrong side of the bed" must be a real thing because I definitely woke up on that side this morning and all of a sudden hate everything.  I am sick of the holiday traffic, parking lot wars, endless stream of people gathering and milling about, cold weather and the rain / dryness, loud parties and muzak, etc etc.  A bit of peace and quiet, silence and calm, just twinkling light and the scent of smoke in the air.  I know, I know that the holidays are about friends and family and loved ones but sometimes I wish they could leave me some room to think, just for one second.  Just a teensy tiny breather with no requests and no pressure.

Maybe that's why I feel like running away (again).  To New Zealand again, of course.  So it's not a coincident that this beautiful home is located there on 12 acres with gorgeous views of Te Mata Peak.  I'd imagine in the winter time, the grounds are blanketed with snow and the dark exterior of the house is a stark contrast against that backdrop.  There are numerous dining areas you could choose from but I think I'd prefer to relax in the cushy breakfast nook, with endless cups of coffee and a stack of books.  Surrounded by pure, golden light and silence.