This was a catch up weekend, darlings, which I really needed.  I've got about half of my holiday cards written and addressed and more than two-thirds of my Christmas shopping done (online, it's really the only way to go).  Which is a huge relief because I was panicking a little bit, okay a lot bit.  The lead up to the holidays is so fun and so stressful; the anticipation is really what makes it all exciting.  I'm sure at some point I'll be sick and tired of all the Xmas tunes and the red and white combination but not yet.

This home has nothing to do with the holidays, but everything to do with time travel.  The breakfast nook is one of the cutest things I've seen in a home in a long time and I wonder how long it took the current residents to assemble all of the furniture and decorations to complete its mid-century modern look.  Random question, in the 1950s were people extremely concerned about nosy neighbors and privacy?  Because the houses built then have these tiny windows in the front and then tall floor to ceiling glass in the back.