First off, my giant grey emo monster Ike wanted me to tell you all THANKS for all your kind words and thoughts you've sent his way and asks you to please send Swedish fish, k thanks.  He also asked me to give each one of you a big sloppy virtual lick from him, but I think I'll pass on that one.  Sometimes he thinks he's a big dog and licks everything <shrug>.  He's been enjoying extra apples, ear rubs, showers and all those little things that keep horses happy.

Secondly, I hope you all have been having better luck with work this week than I have.  It's as if everyone decided that because next week is a shorter work week and maybe even this week if they're lucky barstools and taking vacation, they're going to try and cram everything they have to do over the next two weeks into the next few days.  For those office warriors left behind cleaning up the detritus, I feel your pain.  Keep your head up - we'll make it through!

On that note, I'm going to try and grab some early morning hours of productivity but will leave you with this book review by yours truly on Danish mystery The Keeper of Lost Causes, recommended to me by Katrin of Land of Candy Canes, and one of the best author pictures ever.  Enjoy!