"He's been a bit mopey.  He'd really like it if you came to visit."

The message chimed at 8 am on work day, screen glowing and flashing a light blue.  Puzzled, I had to read the text twice before I could comprehend the words I was reading.  What in the world... he was perfectly fine when I saw him two days ago.  What could have happened in two days that changed his mood so drastically?  This was so uncharacteristic of him.

I tapped back, "I'll be there tonight to hang out with him."

The rest of the day, I wracked my brain and tried to think of all the different little things that could have gone wrong.  Perhaps he still pouting because I had shouted at him on Sunday.  I typically don't have to raise my voice at him.  But that's the oddest thing because he doesn't hold grudges - not even for five minutes.  How could he still be upset because of that?

That evening, we had dinner together.  He morosely looked my way, chewed his food staring off into the distance and glanced at me again.  We sat for half an hour that way.

"He's been acting weird.  Not himself..." I typed back after our dinner date.

Friday rolled around and he was starting to act like himself.  Correction - he was exactly like his old self again.  My trainer chided him, "What was wrong with you, you big sweaty baby?"  Turns out, he was just hot.  A horse in Texas was hot in the summer and threw a minor temper tantrum because of it.  Who would have thought?  We've started bringing him in earlier and he's as happy as a clam.  Now don't even get me started on his people-biting, poop-eating neighbor...