Even though I brought my laptop and we have free wifi at the condo in which we're staying, I've thankfully been able to unplug a little bit from the world and soak up the nature that is Hawaii.  I have a ton of pictures to share with you guys and those are to come.  I am, once again, lobster red from not enough applications of sun screen on my arms, legs, back and face.  My hair is starting to take on that crunchy salty property from being in the ocean too often.  All of my swimsuits are sand encrusted.  Pretty much all key ingredients to a perfect vacation.  Only slight hiccup is that I lost my voice two days ago but hey, what more do I need to say?

I leave you to look over pictures of another oh-so-cute cottage in Dallas that looks like it should belong on the sandy shores of a beach.  I hope that you all have been having a wonderful weekend with at least a little time away from the computer.