Blerghle blerghle blerghle folks - what is wrong with this week?  Turns out, after seeing the ophthalmologist this morning, I have corneal edemas and have been banned from wearing contacts for a month.  A whole month!  Apparently if I wear contacts during this time for even an hour, I could do irreparable damage to my eyes and go blind.  Somehow I find that hard to believe but am I really going to test it?

I've never really worn glasses before (going straight to contacts) and my current pair are approximately a bajillion years old from a prescription from who knows when.  I'm not quite sure how I'm going to manage but luckily, my eyes are good enough to do most things, except drive, without glasses.  The world is going to be blurry for a little while for me and who knows how many bruises I'll pick up in the process.

Please tell me that September is going to be better?