With a little smidge of guilt, I'll admit to you all that it has been a WHILE since I've cooked anything.  For dinner, often times it's hummus, fruit and yogurt for me.  It's too flipping hot to cook anything and usually I'm heading straight to horseback riding or working out right after work.  But once in a blue moon, I'll get the itch to scramble it up in the kitchen.  So this weekend, I made baked chicken nuggets with homemade sweet and sour sauce, Greek yogurt cake and a gluten-free pasta bake.  And, yes that pasta is as delicious and as healthy as it looks.  It had gluten-free rotini, butternut squash, kale, gruyere cheese and a healthy bechamel-type sauce made of vegetable stock, flour and Greek yogurt.  My favourite part about the whole pasta dish, which I would have expected to be the gooey cheese, was the organic kale crisped up in the oven, surprisingly, so maybe I'll have to experiment with some more baked recipes with kale.

A short progress report on my sister's skin, as you all have been so kind to inquire after her.  Post-Hawaii, her skin's recovery has been nothing short of remarkable.  She has continued her low-sugar, gluten-free diet, which I think is helping, but we also think that the combination of sunshine, sleep and low-stress from vacation contributed heavily to the cure.  So there you go, there is no better cure than more sleep, clean eating and de-stressing.  With that in mind, I wish you all a peaceful week ahead.