Last night, my island vacation was extended just a little bit by this amazing, dancing, singing machine of a Hawaiian man.

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Yep, we unexpectedly went and jammed to the Bruno Mars / Ellie Goulding concert and my-oh-my what a motherfreaking show.  I’m not a HUGE sit-there-in-an-arena concert goer, much preferring music festivals where there’s lots of wandering and way too much sweating, but Bruno Mars and his band put on a serious concert.  The crowd had its dancing shoes on for the duration, particularly for the two encores.  I’m a sucker for all shows that feature brass bands and Bruno’s was hilarious, charming and talented.  Also, talk about a wild light display and pyrotechnics galore.  My ears are still ringing this morning.
I feel a teensy weensy bit guilty for all the fun that I’ve been having but can you believe it’s mid-August and we’ve definitely got to send this summer out with a big bang, whoop and holler.  Now, who’s ready for football season???