After this weekend, I am one hot mess.  Starting Friday evening, I completely wrecked myself horseback riding.  Ike slipped on the shallow footing in the arena and I came tumbling off.  We're both okay; I'm a bit banged up and sore.  **This is why wearing a helmet is REALLY important.**  We can add those bruises to the ones that I've been accumulating this summer from being a klutz.

Other than that, my weekend was a wonderful one.  My parents came back from their trip to Los Angeles and sister and I met them at the airport.  It was quite nice catching up with them and I think they're happy to be home as well.  My grandparents out in LA are getting older and less independent, so I think Siri and I are going to make a trek out there this fall to visit them and buoy their spirits.

The rustic little house in Dallas reminds me of a home by the water in Hill Country.  Maybe there's still time to get down to float the river before the summer is over?  How was your weekend?