This week's home was particularly hard to find, I'll admit.  Combine a crippling caffeine headache with an overactive, overaggressive real estate market, it's turned what has typically been a fun exercise of picking the best new find of the week to flipping through pictures of beige box after beige box, with an overtly staged home scattered in there to mix it up.  The "hot" market here has demanded removal of financing / moving contingencies on house offers so a lot of those houses that would have been wonderful to feature have been cleared out and stripped down and made as vanilla as possible so prospective buyers can dress it up in their minds as to how they see fit.

The home featured today was built in the 1920s and still retains a lot of the grand old character of that era.  It's certainly elegant, I think I counted at least four chandeliers scattered throughout.  However, the cutest thing about this house is that despite the beautiful furnishings and gleaming floors, there are children's toys scattered throughout.  A real family lives here (hello dollhouse and train set in the gorgeously dramatic dining room) and that's refreshing to see after all of the squarish, squeaky clean homes I've been looking through.