Guess who got new boots just in time for the fall?  Or should I say, a new boot?  That's right, my great big furry guy.  So in actuality, it's not that funny - last week he sliced his leg open on some chicken wire outside - but he is SO pathetic that it makes you go "aww" and then laugh at the exact same time.  But don't let his sorrowful face fool you too badly, he should be right as rain in a few days.

When I visit him now, he puts his head down and noses my hands (looking for treats) but then heaves a huge sign of relief when I pull his friend out for a ride instead of him.  I hand walked him for 10 minutes tonight and you would have thought we were dead men walking, he dragged his feet so much.  And then of course, his poop-eating neighbor shrieked for him the entire time, as if we-were-never-coming-back-and-I'm-taking-away-your-friend-who-you-bite-in-the-face-forever.

Ahh, if this is the spice of life, then it may just be time for me to switch to saltines and water.