To say my boyo Ike is spoiled may be the understatement of the year.  Special feed to make him more alert and keep his weight up in this baking heat?  New sun / fly mask because the old one was fitting funny?  Spa treatment complete with massage, extra shine shampoo and deep conditioner?  Custom shoes with personally shaped pads?  Can I see hands for all those in favor of renaming him Diva-licious?

He's certainly a sweet boy though and has all of the qualities of a good friend - an attentive listener, easy to forgive and forget and always happy to see you and sad to leave you.  Oh just listen to me, I've become one of those crazy pet ladies.  I recently treated him (and myself) to a new Italian "pronounced eye-talian for emphasis" calfskin saddle.  It fits his broad back (and burgeoning belly) better and is extra grippy for my bottom.  I have now officially spent more accessorizing this boy than I have accessorizing myself.  Something tells me he would have been just as happy with a bucket of Swedish fish.

What about y'all, how do you spoil your four-legged family members?