I'll be the first to admit, things have been a little heavy around here lately.  Maybe it's just preparation for the changing of the seasons, sloughing off that sweaty summer skin and wriggling into the woolly fall one.  There are closets to clean out, clothes to sort through, linens to wash and inventory to be taken for the Most Epic Feast of the Year.

That's right, yours truly is already planning for Thanksgiving.  Told you that we're going to get fat fat fat this fall.  I've started brainstorming what to bake, cook, roast and I've tested out some recipes (nothing too successful).  Almost more importantly, I've started visualizing how we're going to set the table.  I'm thinking a bolder colour this year, something that'll really pop and also be fun and exciting for the guests.  So if you have any table setting suggestions or any incredibly tasty family recipes that you'd like to throw my way, I'll be anxiously waiting here, eating a box of ginger snaps.  What?  I'm just following the instructions.