Sister and Brother
My Uncle Charles just turned 55 years old a week ago, his birthday was the same day that my grandma passed away.  He is the youngest of four, my dad's younger brother and the family baby.  He's also the tallest and biggest in the family, towering over his siblings at 6'1, but also the most soft spoken - a gentle giant.  You don't realize that when you're the lastborn, you're the baby of the family forever.  In my family, you will be the most beloved, the most well cared for, the most take care of.  Every trip out this weekend, we have brought something back for him - a shirt, a pair of pants, new shoes, sandwiches, drinks and snacks.

You'll also receive the brunt of all the bossing around (which is no small amount in my family) from the women of the family.  Every one of your movements is scrutinized and critiqued by at least three pairs of eyes.  You better have a thick skin or be hard of hearing.

"Eat this, don't eat that.  Change shirts!  That one is dirty and old and we just bought you five new ones.  Did you take your vitamin supplements?  You have to take two a day.  What are you doing all the way over there?  Come over here and sit with us."

Nevermind that he's 55 years old and has his own children.  Uncle Charles is the family baby for all of us, even the children of his older siblings.  We'll coddle him well into his senior citizen years and  when he's a grandfather, and best of all, he lets us.  Because we all understand, that's our family and that's how we show love.