Driving through Los Angeles yesterday on the way to Santa Monica, we drove past rows upon rows of little bungalows in Beverly Hills, all snuggled closely next to each other.  Even though the landscaping along those streets is exactly identical, down to the pruned shrubs along the curb and the "platinum" coloured fire hydrants, each of the houses exudes its own little personality and charm.  They all each have their own hidden secrets behind the heavily digitally securitized rough hewn doors.

The house featured this week is reminiscent of a the third little pig's house, built up with red brick, and deceptively small from the front curb.  The backyard oasis is the last thing I would have imagined would be behind a traditional looking home such as this.  No wonder the house has big, bright, glass paneled windows throughout.  I'm sure it's magical in the morning light with tiny rainbows dancing along the walls and floors through the cut glass.