McKenzie Chadwell
Yesterday, my dear cousin (Hi Cousin O' Mine) demanded the link for my blog, and reluctantly, I gave in.  It's strange to have someone so closely tied to me read my writing.  It's weird to have someone so closely tied to me not realize that I've been blogging for over 10 years now, although not always here, and plugged into that substantial part of my life.  And now, it's bizarre to think that a close family member is reading my wordmindstream and the soul I pour into this space.  Is it odd to think that I've been keeping my blog a secret around most people that I know IRL but yet, you my fellow blogosphere friends, know more about me than I care to ever share with those IRL friends?  I know we chat about it often, the separation between the blogging world and the 'real' world and how strict (or not) that line drawn in the sand is, but I almost feel like I'm living two separate but together lives.  And when they bleed together, it's a surreal moment.  Like Back to the Future / Romy and Michele's High School Reunion / Matt Smith meets David Tennant stuck in a Vitamix with some ice and tequila.  The BlogIRL margarita, if you will.

As Cousin O' Mine is determined to read through my entire blog, going back over 600 posts and more than 2.5 years (I think he may be insane or really bored), I've asked him to critique my writing, give me some pointers and suggestions as to how he thinks I can improve, which he seemed to be affronted by.  To him, it's akin to critiquing someone's journaling or diary.  Firstly, I pointed out, I keep my personal journal separate from the blogosphere forum.  In a purple unicorn diary with a heart lock, to be specific.  Secondly, if you've stumbled upon this space, for me, I'd love to hear your voice.  I want to hear your thoughts, your criticisms, your desires and how I can be better.  Because A Miusmie is as much for you all as it is for me.  So let that red ink flow Cousin O' Mine and all you other bloggers out there.  Tell me what you want.  ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED*?

*Two bonus points if you guess that movie quote