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McKenzie Chadwell
Yesterday, my dear cousin (Hi Cousin O' Mine) demanded the link for my blog, and reluctantly, I gave in.  It's strange to have someone so closely tied to me read my writing.  It's weird to have someone so closely tied to me not realize that I've been blogging for over 10 years now, although not always here, and plugged into that substantial part of my life.  And now, it's bizarre to think that a close family member is reading my wordmindstream and the soul I pour into this space.  Is it odd to think that I've been keeping my blog a secret around most people that I know IRL but yet, you my fellow blogosphere friends, know more about me than I care to ever share with those IRL friends?  I know we chat about it often, the separation between the blogging world and the 'real' world and how strict (or not) that line drawn in the sand is, but I almost feel like I'm living two separate but together lives.  And when they bleed together, it's a surreal moment.  Like Back to the Future / Romy and Michele's High School Reunion / Matt Smith meets David Tennant stuck in a Vitamix with some ice and tequila.  The BlogIRL margarita, if you will.

As Cousin O' Mine is determined to read through my entire blog, going back over 600 posts and more than 2.5 years (I think he may be insane or really bored), I've asked him to critique my writing, give me some pointers and suggestions as to how he thinks I can improve, which he seemed to be affronted by.  To him, it's akin to critiquing someone's journaling or diary.  Firstly, I pointed out, I keep my personal journal separate from the blogosphere forum.  In a purple unicorn diary with a heart lock, to be specific.  Secondly, if you've stumbled upon this space, for me, I'd love to hear your voice.  I want to hear your thoughts, your criticisms, your desires and how I can be better.  Because A Miusmie is as much for you all as it is for me.  So let that red ink flow Cousin O' Mine and all you other bloggers out there.  Tell me what you want.  ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED*?

*Two bonus points if you guess that movie quote


  1. I do know the quote, but I won't crow about it. I think if people aren't getting what they want, they wouldn't come back...but you're smart to ask. Blogs can get to be lonely places if we take visitors for granted. I wouldn't change a thing here though.

    Good luck with the IRL presence of your cousin here...I think it will be a good thing for him to get to know his amazing cousin a little better.

  2. Lots of luck with your cousin. I am lucky- not very people I know IRL read my blog or they say they do and really don't.

    You should be really proud of your writing and everything you have done here because it's fantastic.

  3. It's totally weird when real life bleeds with blog life. I met a new real life friend via a blog friend and she went and read all 1000 posts in my archives. It was...amazing. I think about 5 in real life people know about my blog, i'm VERY secretive about it. But I love your blog...:)

    1. Hey, I know you! j/k, I'm the same way. Only my wife and one other person know about my blog--and thankfully they've both lost interest. :)

  4. I am always taken aback when real life people comment on a blog post, mostly because they are people who never actually comment on my blog. Lurkers. Ha.

  5. Gladiator?
    I definitely share more on my blog than I do in real life with my friends and family, but mostly it's because I'm not a very good talker and also because I don't like it when people don't have a choice. Like, if you sit down with a friend and tell them everything that's in your head they don't really have a choice but to sit and listen - and you never really know if they're that interested or not! Where as with a blog if people aren't interested, they just don't comment. There's no awkward obligation.

  6. gladiator? hmmm, some of my friends know about my blog, but not many. I go back and forth on changing that. I love my friends, but many don't get me. and I think it would disappoint me if they read what I write and, you know, don't get it. so I guess I keep these two lives separate for now.

    I love your blog and in particular your writing. I am entertained. and I have to say, I prefer your personal posts over all the other ones. oh, and I really appreciate you book advice :)

  7. My family knows about my blog--I have one cousin who actually reads it somewhat regularly, a few who pop in once in awhile. Most of my family members will say things like, "Oh, are you still working on your website?" :) Yep. Maybe someday I'll know what I"m doing . . .

    And I love your blog just the way it is . . .

  8. My whole family knows I have a blog. My mom, as you know, comments almost daily. It's pretty cute. I've never been one to make super personal posts, so it's not a shock to people who know me in real life usually. I'm much more restrained on my blog than I am in real life, and I guess you could make the argument that I'm editing for appearances? Who knows, haha. This is all too deep for Friday! But now I kind of want to go back and read all your posts, too. xo

  9. Most of my friends and family know about my blog and read it regulary - since we live far apart it has been a good and natural way to let them keep in touch with our lives.

  10. As I read this, I was shaking my head to a "Yes, totally" beat. I come from a very large extended family and only one of my dear cousins (also a blogger) is aware of my blog. My closest friends have no idea... and I have no idea why?!?! It's just easier that way, I guess. But is it? Ugh, you've got me thinking to hard on a Friday morning.
    Your cousin is in for a treat in your archives! :) Happy Weekend

  11. Always entertained, my dear Rooth:)
    And seriously, I have the opposite problem. I tell a lot of people I know IRL to read my blog, and even gave them my mini business cards. Alas, aside from my older sister and SIL, I'm pretty sure no one has bothered. Sigh....
    BTW, I'm sure your cousin is entertained too:)

  12. oh my god! i thought i was a freak for not wanting my IRL peeps to know about my blog!!! i am not alone. we are all normal or we are all freaks. my closest girlfriends know about my blog and read it daily. - in fact i hear from them less than i used to because they always know what i am up to!

    but i have an intense phobia for other people reading my blog that i know but not really, really know. i think i feel like the people who know me best know that i am exactly who i am on my blog (minus leaving things out here and there, or staging my house to look cleaner than it is), but other than that it is me. but i feel like other people might think it's not so it freaks me out (?). and not everyone in my real life do i want reading my blog. i feel super protective of it. it's one of my most treasured spaces. now what really freaks me out is when i think that not just "you" or the people i know read my blog everyday read my blog.

    and i love your blog obviously. i love your honesty and diversity and that you are such a thinker and provoke other people to think, or laugh, or engage in some way. xo

  13. A colleague turned friend recently learned about my blog and she started reading it. Yes, it's a bit weird so I try not to talk about work at all.. Close friends do read it sometimes and this started when I featured them a few times My family knows too but thankfully they don't read it except for my Mom who lurks from time to time :)

  14. i love love your writing and this blog in whole! always entertained here :)

    The Young Bridget Jones

  15. Oh my gosh I completely feel you! I was actually reluctant to share my blog with friends and family because I was a bit insecure about the whole thing at first. But now I've been slowly letting people in on my little world, and it's been great support!

    Stephanie | fashion and tea

  16. I think the same way, my family knows but not many of my friends. Only the ones who don't really care to read blogs. I do get information from my mother about spelling mistakes but she never remembers where, that's all the constructive criticism I've had. I get where your cousin is coming from. It's a diary of the less private kind so it probably does feel strange.

  17. I love your blog just the way it is. It's definitely one of my must reads. :)

    In regards to IRL peeps stumbling upon my blog, I sort of have this battle w/in myself on whether to share my blog or not. While I would LOVE it if my husband & our extended family would tune in daily I would prefer to keep it from a few folks. I don't know. I guess I should be thankful that my little space is as private as it is and not on anyone's radar. I don't have very thick skin so it's probably for the best. :)

  18. Gladiator!! I love that movie. Ahhh Russell Crowe. I actually saw someone that looked like him today (he was a knight in a ren fest, how appropriate).

    I love your style. It's honest and direct, but lyrical somehow. It's chatty, which in a blog is a good thing in my humble opinion. I guess it depends on what your purpose is, what the critique would be like. But for an inveterate book/reading lover, your writing reads easily and flows well.

    My family will never read my blog, I hope. Not that I say anything in it they couldn't see. It's just too weird for me, because, well, that line must not be crossed!

  19. I don't think it's odd at all. In fact, I know that some research has shown that a lot of bloggers keep their blogging life separate from their real lives.

  20. I only really have serious issues with specific blogs when they cross a certain ethical line - i.e. non-disclosure of paid/sponsored posts, plagiarism, etc. But when it comes to critiquing them based on my personal taste and what entertains me, I stick to this rule: it's not about me. People blog for different reasons, and so I feel there shouldn't be a 'rule-book' for blogging. I like diversity, and I'd like blogs to remain diverse. So this is a really elaborate way of me saying that I like your blog because it represents you, and you have no need to entertain anyone, just be yourself.

    By the way, I find it really uncomfortable having family and 'real life' colleagues read my blog too. Not that I post anything inappropriate, but it's sort of become a separate space of my own.

  21. ha, awesome! i don't usually volunteer my blog address to people either, i guess most of my close friends know it though. i'm sure he'll have some good stuff to say!


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