Darlings, we've made it one week into the new year (yay 2014 again, for the last time).  Now let's be honest, which of those New Year's resolutions on your list have you already broken?  Don't be shy.  The two hardest ones for me have already been busted, almost simultaneously as I made them:

Cursing less - This one goes a hand-in-hand with the second resolution I've already broken (over my knee).  When I mentioned that I should curse less because I should really be exercising the full range of my vocabulary, it was suggested that I be less angry / unkind toward others.  Instead of calling people ugly names, I should just think pleasant thoughts and not have those feelings.  I prefer to just learn new words.  Any suggestions?

Being a nicer person - This resolution was actually altered from its original "Don't be a b*tch" but that directly flew in the face of the first resolution, so a rephrasing was called into order.  However, in the past week, I've already secured my place in Hell.  Multiple times.  I might have standing reservations at this point.  But, I'd like to point out, it will not be for the following reasons, which people have confessed to me at random intervals this week: (a) not warning a stranger of the slick ice patch on the sidewalk and then laughing at said stranger when he slips and falls or (b) seeing a person rush to the elevator and not holding it.

So... out with it, what has not made it past week one of 2014?  I'm hoping that I find myself in good company...