2014 must be the year of change because my big news of the week is that sissie Siri is moving to Portland next week!  She works for a very large sporting goods company (I'm sure you can guess which) headquartered out of Portland, and while I was in London last week, she interviewed for a new position based at their HQ.  Siri got the offer last week and, as she starts in two weeks, she needed to move immediately.  My poor mother has been crying her eyes out every other day because Siri is flying the nest, again, but truly we are all excited for her and for her new opportunity.  Plus, we'll get to visit Portland, which has been at the top of my list of places to visit for the past five years.

Siri, my little Short Round sister, I will miss you so very much.  I know you'll do great things in Portlandia and look forward to being so very proud of your accomplishments there.  Take care of yourself, don't forget to do your laundry, and Skype mom and dad often.