Oh what?  Just ignore the crumbs spewing everywhere.  I'm stress eating.  No, I haven't made up the lost sleep and jet lag from last week.  And yes, I am far behind in terms of catching up on blogs and writing up blog posts (sorry Amy!).  I know, it's past the middle of January and I haven't even done my  December Recent Reads post.  Oh and of course it's fine that work has blown up in my face.  Because I've got all the cookies in my belly.

One "productive" thing that came out of my trip last week was I did catch up on movies on the plane.  Admittedly, that's really the only place I will watch movies because I hate being a captive audience and, well, on a plane, you really don't have a choice.  So I will more or less gladly sit through hours upon hours of the crappiest movies you ever will see.  Like The Lone Ranger.  And Pacific Rim (the second time).  But I did finally get to see what all the fuss was about with Midnight in Paris (oh hello Rooth, welcome to 2011 when the movie was actually released).  And the entire time, I was thinking about two things:

1) How I understand why some of my favourite bloggers adore this movie.  The setting, the Frenchies, the hilariously obnoxious American characters, the endless befuddlement of Owen Wilson, the music, the rain.  Could I go on?  Of course but that would ruin it (for the 1% of people who haven't seen the film).

2) How good Regina George, I mean, Rachel McAdams butt looks in these jeans.

Seriously, can one of you Interwebs wizards figure out what jeans she is wearing and let me know?  Because I spent the vast majority of the movie ignoring what a witchy character Inez was and wondering what brand those jeans were.  Clearly, I'm good at focusing on the important things.

I'm tired.  And weird.