Let's kick it off, kiddos, with some 2014 "Men are Haikus" from your all-time favourite bloggers including Christine, Erin, and Arni.  Thanks my wonderful poetry princes and princesses.  Your haikus really make my week.  And for those of you who have resolved to try something new or different, please feel free to submit a haiku via here for the weekly poetry slam blog post.  You won't regret it!

Haiku #1

Hello laundry bin
Men always can't get clothes in
Hope one day? You wish!

Haiku #2

Hi, 2014!
Time to say goodbye, '13.
Booze and glitter, yay!

Haiku #3

No attribution!
Thank you, that would be awkward.
Real men don't haiku.

Haiku #4

It's been awhile:
You are in my thoughts and songs.
"Who are you again?"

Haiku #5

haiku ne're my strength
but a new year is ahead
out with the sonnet.