Gritty lasagna lesson

Not my gritty lasagna but Alex's tasty one
On New Year's Eve, whilst my mom, dad, and sister were sick, I endeavoured to bake the sickly ones a vegetarian leek and mushroom lasagna from Mary McCartney's cookbook Food.  I spent the majority of the afternoon chopping, slicing, sauteing, and stirring, wearing the new TARDIS apron that Siri got me for my birthday.  After approximately two hours in, I took my first taste of the leek and onion lasagna filling straight from the skillet.  Chewing cautiously, I groaned inwardly (and probably outwardly as well).

To quote one of the better books I've read recently, Gulp by Mary Roach, "Studies have shown that humans can feel, with their molars, a piece of grit as small as 10 microns in diameter."

And there it was - grit in my lasagna.  Fatefully, I decided to carry on.  Not only could I not bear to throw away two hours of work but also $20 worth of groceries.  The leeks were organic, I tell you!  Organic grit is okay to eat, right?  Or at least more okay than the nonorganic kind.

Thus, on New Year's Eve, my flu infested family, not only suffering from fever and coughing, ate plate after plate of cheesy, gritty lasagna.  Okay, maybe it was just one plate each.  After which the entire concoction went straight into the trash.  But the moral of my NYE story is this: Regardless of how late in the game it is and how much time you've already invested, don't be afraid to scrap something that you know is going to fail.  Don't make your family eat gritty lasagna.

Also, make sure to thoroughly wash, soak, and rinse your leeks.  Multiple times.


  1. Awwww! Leeks are tough to clean like celery. and the flu is the worst.. when it rains it pours right? well when I make something that doesn't turn out which is often.. I make grilled cheese.

  2. This is a valuable lesson. I hope people learn from it so they don't have to eat grit. :)

    Grit aside, how did it taste?

    PS - I learned a similar lesson by bending a hammer. :(

  3. Lol the moral of this story: "don't make your family eat gritty lasagna".
    Awwwies, I feel sorry to hear things didn't work out. The picture does
    look appetizing c: Xx

  4. Ha! Oh Ruth, I would have done the exact same. I can't throw something away that I think is too expensive. I'm sure it tasted great, but maybe you should have warned them to chew lightly ;)

  5. Oh man, leek-grit. Also as bad: clam grit. The WORST. Sorry girl! You did a good thing by even attempting to make it for your sick family, though! xo

  6. awww but yes a great lesson. i know too many times when plans were carried out even though it was doomed because of the time and effort put seemed like a waste! hope your family is feeling better!

  7. Smart to ditch the effort despite all the effort. Sometimes that feels so good. Leeks are SO hard, and I love them so I deal with it a lot. Chop first, then rinse in a colander. That should help if you're ever up for it again. :)

  8. oh no oh no oh no - it probably was worse because it was organic leek. I use the regular kind all the time and it's ok. probably imported from a different dimension or a side product of spoon manufacturing, but there is rarely ever any sand or dirt.

  9. oh leeks, i love them so very much, but forever i had the same issue and it would just drive me insane. if i get something in my head, like a question mark, while i am eating - it's just over for me. but then i started using the same method that lauren suggested and i win over leek grit every time now :)

  10. Yeaaaa, I can taste grit almost immediately too. But if a family member lovingly makes it because I am sick, please give me seconds! You are very sweet.

  11. A wise man once said:
    "You got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em,
    Know when to walk away and know when to run."

    Then he said...

    "You never count your money when you're sittin' at the table.
    There'll be time enough for countin' when the dealin's done."

  12. Oh man! Gritty lasagna? Sounds rough. I've had a few mishaps in the kitchen as well. It's always sad when you have to throw your hard work out.

  13. Leeks are so hard to wash. This reminds me of that one time I made a beef lasagna, only to realize the butcher handed me minced veal instead. It was an old veal and stinky as hell. I had to throw it away because just smelling it made me want to barf.'s sad to let go of 2 hours of work.

  14. Haha, definitely a great lesson! :)


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