I do hope that everyone was able to stay warm and cozy this weekend, particularly my friends up in the Northeast.  Pull out those wooly socks, hand warmers, and knit beanies and make sure to drink lots of hot tea and cider.  I'll be honest, when I'm focused on staying warm, I am anything but cute with my dressing or accessorizing.  It's all about sweatpants, college sweatshirts, pilling wool socks, and hair knotted up in a ponytail or braid (the only guaranteed frizz protection).  I wish I could be chic like this but it's really just not meant to be.

If that girl lived in Dallas, she would live in this home, which is pretty much as perfect as she is, bundled up in the cold.  Everything seems coated in a warm, rich caramel colour, swirled in with some cream and surrounded by beautifully manicured landscaping.  My life is so not this life but it makes me a little bit warm inside to know that someone's is.